Digital Learning and CPD Solutions

With over 20 years of experience we are experts at creating new commercial opportunities through digital learning solutions and engaging platforms that we co-create with our clients using tried and tested technology and CPD tools where needed.

A digital learning solution has to engage and develop the learner. If it doesn’t it will not be used and will be a waste of time and money. Simple. A digital learning platform that does trigger and engage the learner will drive your commercial goals, either through the development of skills, knowledge and a change in behaviour or opening up a new revenue opportunities. So, when we work with our clients we take time to understand those goals and provide our years of experience and consultancy to suggest new ways to achieve them.

“What I look for in any strategically important supplier to your product or business goes beyond experience and expertise, they are hygiene factors. I want empathy, flexibility, commerciality, likeability, innovation, people who are at the cutting edge of learning. I found that with Meta Capability and I have enjoyed working with them”

Andy Perkins – Global Director, Kaplan Performance Academy

Our clients view on how we create digital engagement

Linkedin 2019 Workplace Learning Report

The most successful on-line learning strategies that truly engage and have an impact in both the corporate and membership world, all have the same magic formula:

We have been developing digital learning platforms for over 20 years and our experience of working with some of the major organisations in the market has taught us the 8 most important steps to solving these challenges.

“Easy to work with, impressed by their skill and attention to detail, “got” our aspirations immediately, talented, considerate and quick, members and staff of RIBA are both happy with the easy to use, clear, and visually compelling solution we worked on together.”

Joni Tyler – Head of CPD

The 8 most important steps to engaging digital learning solutions and CPD platforms

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“The Trigger Event”
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